The flatbed body upgrade is suitable for owners of vans and lorries that want to transport all kinds of cargo. The MBB flatbed is robust and durable and suitable for intensive use.

Keson MBB

The robust body frame is made of zinc-coated steel elements that are screwed firmly on the base chassis. We hold elements for standard dimension flatbeds in stock, so the flatbed body can be constructed in a very short time.

The base of the flatbed is made from 18 mm waterproof plywood that further adds to the robustness and durability of the flatbed. The walls are made from anodized aluminium with high corrosion resistance.

The flatbed comes equipped with fenders and all required lights. All lights are LED.

MBB flatbeds advantages:

Accessories and additional services for flatbed upgrades

Frame and tarp:

The flatbed body is constructed in a way that allows the simple addition of a tarp frame. In accordance with our customers' needs we offer different frame and tarp type upgrades:

Rear View Cameras

For easier and safer reversing we install a camera in the back wall of the flatbed and a screen in the vehicle cabin. The camera and screen turn on automatically as you move in reverse gear.

Tail Lifts

We offer the installation of Anteo in Dhollandia Tail Lifts that we also provide an authorised service centre for. We can also equip your vehicle with other manufacturers' tail lifts.

Freight Lifts

Equipping a flatbed with a lift requires a suitable load-bearing construction. We can manufacture one in cooperation with the lift providers and provide you with a complete service.

Cab Deflectors and spoilers 

We sell and fit cab deflectors and spoilers that improve aerodynamics and lower the fuel consumption of commercial vehicles. Cab deflectors are intended for vehicles with tarp flatbeds or furgon upgrades exceeding the height of the cabin. We have spoilers for most light commercial vehicles in stock, so the time taken for completing an upgrade is minimal. We can provide suitable spoilers for other types of vehicles by order in the shortest possible time. 


Flatbed body: from 2.071,00 € + VAT

Flatbed body with tarp: from 2.587,00 € + VAT

Delivery time:

The production of a standard flatbed for a vehicle under 3.5 tonnes takes one working day; so the delivery time is very short.


Sleeper pod

Special retrofit for electic pole transport

LED lights



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